Thursday, January 5, 2012

Latest runs for the week - Continuing recovery runs

15 minutes run after  minutes warm up on CT

Fast run home, about 200 metres

I did 25 minutes on CT after the run

Finally I did a CT only session today

I have been doing these shorter recovery runs for about 3 weeks now, fairly casually, and not religiously foing a run every 2 days. Sometimes I would go two days without a run. Compared to my first few runs I appear to have gained a bit of fitness already I am quite pleased. I have finished the silly season, Christmas,  and now am completely off the booze again until about April.  friend is getting married ;)

The Cross Trainer (CT) is reasonably tough, it works upper body, biceps, triceps and chest and shoulder/back. It also works on core strength quite well. I recall the muscles that really hurt during and after LONG runs are being worked so that may be a good thing. 

Heels today are pretty good, and during the running quite ok, just twinges at the beginning.

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