Friday, January 13, 2012

Last run for the week ending Friday 13 Jan 2012

CT warmup:

Fastish 4km:

Slow run home with MAX:

Was planning to do an easy run tonight, but I felt pretty good and went fast for the first 1km. The rest of the run I faded a bit but I managed an average pace of 4min33/km, which is quite pleasing.

I commence my last week of the 6 week recover as prescribed by physio. I have not followed it precisely but I have been reasonably conservative. Next week I will aim to to 25,20,25,20 minutes.

I was 3 seconds off my _second_ milestone of 4min30 for 4km. But I did not hold that pace consistently enough. I will make a genuine attempt to do 30 seconds for 200metres, and a consistent 4min30 for 3km In a weeks time.

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