Friday, August 30, 2013

Thursday 29 Aug and Friday 30 Aug 2013 running

It is abundantly clear to me that doing these easy runs and following it with a combination of 30sec speed repeats makes me feel physically good.

Thursday I was ill but did a run anyway. 6km easy at average 4:47 pace, and followed with 10x30sec fast. As I eased into the run I began to feel better, and so ended up have a great run. The speed session was invigorating and not at all fatiguing. It did not hurt me at all. But I did do one rep much harder than I usually do.

Then I did a Friday 'Gym running club'  run, 7.3kms averaged 4:41 pace. I am travelling at around 4:40 pace  fairly easy these days. I have not done any running of great distance, my last long was 13kms after falling over. But I am certainly feeling better at a faster pace than a month ago.

I have Bridge to Brisbane race Sunday, 10kms. I don't have high hopes of going fast, but will give it a bit of a go. I have a loose plan to attack the first 1.1km's uphill, and try to get about 4:40 or 4:30 pace. Then at the crest try to gradually accelerate and take the next 2km downhill fast - hopefully about 3:30 pace. After all that, try to hang in at a good pace, and not fade badly at 8km where the last bridge/hill is. Thats a killer if you have been running right on your limits, if knocks you about.

As far as training methods, I really do think my 10x30's following an easy run are having a significant benefit. Its a workout I will have to use when I train for my next marathon, next year I hope. My long term plan is to try and maintain consistent 35-50km a week for the rest of the year, and do the ParkRuns to see if I can hammer that 20:00 barrier for 5kms. I MUST be closer now!!  And next year I want to follow the same training plan I did in 2010 with minor adjustments so that I can fit in ParkRuns. And I want to do these 10x30's in the mid week runs. Typically I was doing 50min runs mostly in the mid-week, so I could run for 40, and then do the 10x30s to cap it off.

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