Thursday, October 10, 2013

1hr easy Wednesday Oct 9

I did an easy jog with our dog MAX and Christine, to the dog park. Then a walk back home - RUn 3kms, walk about the same.

I then did 1hr easy at about 3PM in the afternoon. Its getting pretty warm but I am drinking water when I need it and feel like I am handling the heat quite well. Seems I am pretty much acclimatised ok to it.

The 1hr run was really tough initially, I felt very tired. I got to 15 minutes in and was ever so slightly shaky and light headed, the feeling you get when you don't eat all day - even though I had eaten well from breakfast and lunch. After a little while that went away and I felt generally well energised. Tiredness is mostly in the legs not in general energy in a run. Not running is another story !! I am certainly feeling the workload these days, but its not too bad, it is tolerable, I have an underlying tiredness that even a good sleep does not cure. I might take a rest day soon just to regroup and attack the training a little fresher.

Pace for this run was 4:57 average, and I covered 12.1kms. Its actually really good to be able to run at such a pace while being very fatigued.  I am paying attention to things, monitoring all the bits and pieces to make sure nothing is breaking. So far so good.  I am quite enthused about what I might be able to do on fresher legs - and its really thee legs that need refreshing, everything else seems ok.

Day 9 of my base building is done, total 91kms, averaging a fraction over 10kms a day. And today it was  total of 15.1kms.

I have skipped the morning run I was planning to do Thursday 10 Oct, walked with MAX and Christine instead. Was sleepy on the train but feel quite good right now, raring to go for my 50 minute run this afternoon.

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