Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday 8 Oct 2013 30 minutes easy plus 12x100 with 100 jogging rest

This is the run that I began on last week, in my new base building schedule. Last week I had a full rest day Monday, but I did a 30min easy on the Tuesday morning with MAX and Christine, then later in the afternoon did 5km easy and 10x100's.

Today, I did not run in the AM, I felt I needed  the rest following the 18kms Sunday and the hard hilly trail rest yesterday. Today I ended up doing a full 30min's just under 6.5kms, and the full 12 x100's this time. I did the fast session pretty easy in fact, just medium fast rather than a sprint. Most were around 3:40 pace, one was as slow as 4min/km pace. That was uphill, but the last one was fastest at 3:20 pace.  Regardless, it was a good effort I think. This is day 8 of consecutive days running, and its nice to feel the body recover quite quickly. The main problem was plain old energy levels this morning but the full rest in the morning made all the difference.

I will see if I can rise to the occasion and do the full schedule in one form or another next week, at least the full complement of double up days. I may take the running easier and do fewer km's to help cope with it.

Today, I wore my old Nike Free V3 3.0 shoes. These are the ones I ran in all last year pretty much. They felt weird after all the running in the Hokas' I have been doing, but I settled into them fairly quickly. They initialy felt slow, possibly because of the odd sensation of feeling the shock of foot impact ;) There is far less shoe in these Free's compared to the Hokas. Once I got used to them, I found again that I had to conciously hold my pace back. I did the speed session in them too, and they felt light and fast.

I will wear the Hokas every day except when I do speed work I think. And use the FRee's for any speed session days - then perhaps use the Frees on 5kms race days.  Pretty sure it won't do any harm either way.

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