Thursday, October 10, 2013

50 minutes easy Thursday Oct 10 2013

My plan had me doing a 20-30 minute easy run in the morning and a 50 minute run in the afternoon for Thursday. Last week Thursday, on day three of my radical base building program, I skipped the morning run and cut the 50 minute run down to 30 because I was quite shattered from the workload.. Today I again skipped the morning run, had a longish walk with MAX and Christine instead, but did the 50 minutes in full, 10kms.

As is my habit, the geeky statistics:

- Its the highest 7 day total of 71kms for me today
- Its the first time I have run 10 days in a row
- Its obviously the highest 10 day total of 101kms
- The first 10 days in October 101kms, if I keep this up I will get to 300kms total for the month

I won't keep it up. I will have a full days rest no running tommorrow, I think its sensible to do so. I don't want any injuries to happen, and I have ramped up the mileage somewhat !! I am in need of a rest.

I am certainly feeling easier aerobically at these easy running paces I have been doing, no doubt about it. Its a combination of making gains from the last three months of consistent - but relatively low mileage - and these last 10 days of consistent running volume.  It will be nice to do a ParkRun on slightly fresher legs for a change and that will happen this Saturday, although I don't really know if I will have speed at all. It does feel like  I am simply getting good at running easy rather than getting faster. Although if I am right, its aerobic capacity that holds me back over a 5km race distance, and theoretically I should have made some gains since my last faster race the Twilight HM at Wynnum.

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