Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday 14 October 2013, 4km easy in the AM and 6km brisk in the PM

I did a short easy run with MAX and Christine Monday morning. I was feeling pretty washed out from the run Sunday night, where I pulled up at 1hr15 insread of 1hr30. Ended up doing 4kms plus about 1km where I failed to record on my watch.

I had planned a 50 min easy pace run in the afternoon Monday, but when I stepped out it just felt awkward to go easy. A faster leg turn over felt much more comfortable so I stuck with that.  I was carrying a little leg soreness from the ParkRun and the long run Sunday I guess, plus all the activities I had been up to on the weekend. That and all the easy running volume I think maybe I wanted to break out of that for a bit.. I found my pace was about 4:20min/km with faster leg turn over, it felt comfortable, not easy and not hard.. I stopped looking at my watch and just kept the tempo up maintaining the same breathing rate. If it increased I backed off a little. Still felt reasonably comfortable, but obviously I was going faster than 'easy' and it was not exactly the righ pace to be training at.

I got to 5km in and decided to stop at 6kms. In the last 400m of the last 1kms I went quick, and ended up with a 4:16min/km for the very last 1kms. Overall the average pace was 4:23min/km, for 6kms which is quite decent. To make a comparison, at the end of April this year my absolute best 5kms was about 21:45 at ParkRun. I did the first 5kms of this run in 21:56 or so..

Overall, I feel I could have held this pace for another 4kms, but am in need of a bit of recovery. Aerobically again it felt really easy but its the legs that begin to feel a bit heavy and tight if I go further.

I recall when I was training for my first marathon I had similar feelings. As I build the volume up the legs begin to feel heavy, but aerobically I feel really good. That may well be the key to it all as far as making significant aerobic fitness gains.

Today Tuesday 15 Oct I plan a 30min easy run followed by 12x100m fast with a 100m jog recovery.  I really should do these fast sessions properly, aa little faster in the fast parts, so I will see how I go today. I have done a little more distance this week compared to last week I think, but I am feeling a little better too.

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