Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday and Friday running, 3 and 4 October 2013

I had planned a 50 minute run for Thursday, but I was just too damned tired to do that. Did an easy 30 minutes instead. I am very glad I did that as it allowed energy levels to recover. This morning, Friday, I did the gym running club - about 5kms -  again much shorter than the 1hr plus run I had planned.

Looks like the gym running club thing is going to continue on Friday mornings, so I will probably just keep running after its done, to get my 1hr plus completed for the day.  I am gradually building up to the workload I have planned, so as to avoid injury and too much fatigue.

I have run 4 consecutive days, and total mileage 35kms. Its a fairly sensible total for my current fitness level. I am really feeling like a good gain in fitness has happened in the last few weeks too, its a matter of proving that in a race situation. The feeling was obvious when this morning I did a couple of slightly faster 1km stretches, and it was quite comfortable even at 4:00min/km pace.

I want to do ParkRun tomorrow so we will see if I can do a decent time there. I am not exactly well rested so I don't expect a super fast time, and it depends on how I feel tomorrow. Sometimes I just don't feel like going hard..

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