Sunday, October 13, 2013

1hr15 easy - was going to be 1hr30..

I was really tired today, after the ParkRun yesterday and the last 10 days of running. Also I suspect from being sick since Thursday evening. I stepped out intending to do 1hr30. I ran down to the waterfront, and it was a wild night. I was tired right from the start, legs in general, but also overall feeling run down. Had a tail wind at the beginning and head wind on the way back. A howling wind, really wild. The tide was high too so waves were breaking and spraying across the pathway.

I was actually running slower than usual too, but still ended up pulling up short. To be honest I was debating with myself whether I ran today, and I am glad I did.

Its day 12 of my base building, 123kms, and I have managed to maintain the 10kms/day average. I am hanging in there.

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