Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Base building day 2 ( week day 3) 12.1kms 1hr

Day 2 of my three months of base building done. I went and saw a band I have been a fan of for years, The Cult last night, did not get to bed until after midnight. No booze though. The singer was a bit cranky, was apparently sick, but he did a great job anyway, the rest of the band were pretty cool, all good.

I skipped my morning run with MAX, did a short walk with him instead. Then I stepped out for the planned 1hr run at about 1:40PM today. It was a little later in the day, and the sun was not quite as strong. It was not too hot or humid, just warm.  I tried to hold back and do easy running. My breathing felt easy, but I still ended up doing 4:57 pace average. I am certainly improveing aerobically with the last 2 weeks particularly feeling like I have made a step forward..

Still, I have done 24kms in the last two days and its a lot compared to what I have been used to. And I am feeling it in overall fatigue. Niggles seem better, heels are not issue at all, everything is ticking over ok. I encountered a crowd on the path at Southbank, they left me not room at all to get around them, so I had to run up a set of concrete seats. After that I felt an ever so slight twinge of cramp on my right calf, on the outside. It loosened up and was no problem.

I am quite optimistic right now, and am looking forward to so solid work over the next few months. The rewards should theoretically be significant.

Tomorrow, 50min easy, does not matter when but I might do it in the later afternoon again.

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