Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday ParkRun and Sunday Long Run

I did ParkRun yesterday, over cooked in the first 3kms, done 11:57min. I was sore from all the running I have been doing and felt a little crap, so pulled up at 3kms, walked briefly, then took off at a more comfartable pace. ParkRun official time recorded 20:50 which is only 4 seconds slower than my best ParkRun this year !!

If I give myself a rest I am quite sure a sub 20 is on the cards. The thing is I want to keep building mileage, so I don't want to back off at all. I may adjust things for the PWC Cool Night Classic, see if I can do something decent there.

It also occured to me, the Hoka shoes I wear are 380 grams each, and so are not exactly a light shoe. I am marginally off 20mins for 5kms, so maybe running in a lighter shoe will make the difference. My best 5km of 20:00 last year was done in Nike Free V3 3.0.. They are only 215grams each.

Today I did a 1hr30min run, 18km exactly and 5:00 pace average exactly. I did the first half marginally faster than the second, and did the last 1km in 4:37pace. I want to make sure I pick up the pace in the last couple of km's in these long runs.

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