Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Monday 7 Oct, 50 minutes trails and weekly summary

My plan is to do a fair bit of mileage on a weekly basis, for three months - so that at the beginning of the 2014 year, I will be well and truly fit for endurance.  I have stacked 67kms in to the first 7 days of this program. Its a good total, and a bit higher than what I am used to.

Since the mileage is already higher than I am used to, I have also dropped a few runs. I should improve over the next few weeks and will add the extra runs on to the days gradually. I want to make sure this higher workload and mileage does not cause any injury. I have run 7 days consecutively, and feel quite ok for it so far but the fatigue is certainly there.

On Monday 7 Oct my plan was to do a 30min easy jog in the morning and a 50 minute steady run in the afternoon. Sunday was a fairly swift 18km at 5min/km pace and that left me quite fatigued, so I skipped the morning run. Very glad I did that - I did a run at the Seven Hills Reserve for 50 minutes on the trails there in the afternoon. Plenty of hilly terrain, nice soft uneven trails. It slowed me down a lot, so I only did 8kms. Still it was very hard due to the hills and the accumulated fatigue. Mostly legs and overall energy levels were low. Aerobically I felt ok.

Today, Tuesday, I also had a recovery run planned for the morning, but I again skipped it. I just felt really tired. I have a 30min easy plus speed session this afternoon, quite sure I will be ok for that. The speed session usually gooses my metabolism a bit and I feel better after, so I am looking forward to it.  I still really enjoy speed sessions. The nice short ones :)

Summary for the last week of running, beginning Monday 30 Sep 2013, and ending Sunday 6 Oct 2013:

Weekly Total 59.75kms
Mon 30 Sep:  No run, complete rest
Tue 1st Oct:  AM 5kms easy, PM 5km easy plus 10x100 Total 12km
Wed 2nd Oct: PM 1hr easy Total 12km
Thur 3rd Oct: PM 30min easy, Total 6km
Fri 4th Oct: AM 5.2km easy Total 5.2
Sat 5th Oct: AM 5km fast Total 6km
Sun 6 Oct: PM 1hr30 easy, Total 18km

Its a reasonable total, and I dropped a lot of the scheduled runs. But I think that is sensible, until I get fit enough to handle it.

Here is the basic schedule I want to follow for three months:

Sunday - Long build to 2hrs Steady  - Am at about 1hr15 now
Monday - AM jog 20mins  PM 50min steady
Tuesday - AM jog 30min PM Easy 30min plus 100fast/100 easy x 12
Wednesday - AM 30min jog PM 60min Steady
Thursday -  AM 50min easy
Friday - AM 30min jog PM Build to 1hr30 steady
Saturday - AM 5km Race PM   40 min recovery

If I do manage to build up to it, the totals will likely be:

Sunday - Long build to 2hrs Steady - Total 24kms
Monday - AM jog 20mins  PM 50min steady - Total 15kms
Tuesday - AM jog 30min PM Easy 30min plus 100fast/100 easy x 12 - Total 8.4km
Wednesday - AM 30min jog PM 60min Steady - Total 17km
Thursday -  AM 50min easy - Total 11km
Friday - AM 30min jog PM Build to 1hr30 steady - Total 24km
Saturday - AM 5km Race PM   40 min recovery - Total 12km

That is about 111kms for the week. Its pretty huge for me,so I think its sensible to build it slowly !!!  I will be very pleased if I am able to build up to this and remain injury free. The way I see it is - nothing ventured, nothing gained. There is risk, given my history of injury, but I have little to lose in reality. I have a choice to train effectively, achieve better races, and reach my goal of a decent marathon race in July 2014. Or I piss fart around doing the same low mileage games I have been doing for the last three years, and go no-where.

3 months of volume should sort me out one way or the other. The consecutive running days do seem to get my niggles in order so that is a huge plus.


  1. Looks good, do you have any races planned for 2014 yet?

    1. Howdy Rod,

      I have the Gold Coast Marathon 2014 as definite maybe if I can get there with no injuries. Thats the real goal.

      I do ParkRun regularly, 5kms likely every weekend. I will do some Brisbane Road Runners Club runs too in the lead up to GCM 2014, in particular there is a well placed 30km race usually I want to do. And I will probably do a few Half races in the lead up. No firm plans for those yet.