Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not one, not 2 but three runs today

We ( Chrisstine and I) ran with MAX our dog, an easy 5kms. MAX had a swim aswell.

Then I did 5km at 4:34 pace in the midday heat, followed by 10x100m with 100m jog recovery. I did mostly quite a slow pace maybe 3:30's average. But I did a couple of faster ones mixed in there, and the last one at 2:45 pace.

2:45 is not flat out sprint, its maybe 90% of that.

This day's running totals 12.1kms. 2 seperate sessions in the day. Its a taste of what I want to do for the next three months, and so far it has not been too bad at all. In general I feel physically fine. But of course its the accumulation of fatigue that is what I must be on the look out for and what is pretty much the most important thing to manage. Also the risk of overuse injury again.

I did a few consecutive day weeks last year and I found that in general everything went well, joint soreness seems to be reduced from the frequent running. Maybe this is what I need to force my body to adapt properly, and get all the niggles under control. After 2 years in waste land not achieving anything except maybe more shapely buttocks from all the weight training, no PB improvements over any distances, I need to do somthing to improve. It might as well be volume and base fitness Lydiard style. Because that IS how to do it.

I will never know if I can handle it if I don't try. So, I am now getting  in to a proper volume based schedule, here it is in basic form:

Sunday - Long build to 2hrs Steady  - Am at about 1hr15 now
Monday - AM jog 20mins  PM 50min steady
Tuesday - AM jog 30min PM Easy 30min plus 100fast/100 easy x 12
Wednesday - AM 30min jog PM 60min Steady
Thursday -  AM 50min easy
Friday - AM 30min jog PM Build to 1hr30 steady
Saturday - AM 5km Race PM   40 min recovery

I won't leap into it all in one week. This week I skipped Mondays runs entirely. Today I did a slightly shorter PM easy run, although it was a little faster than 'steady' and the speed session was pretty soft. Tomorrow I may skip the morning run as I am going to be out late tonight.

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