Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 x 3km time trials plus a 2 km warm down

This week I was troubled by sore knees. I did a 50min run on Saturday and a 1 hour 20 min run Sunday all using a route with lots of hills. I ended up with quite sore knees and felt a bit crap Monday and Tuesday.

Using wisdom accumulated over the course of my running, I decided to rest my bones for the next few days, so I missed Tuesday, and did a really light easy 3km run Wednesday. So light run Wednesday:

I feel it was the right thing to do to rest a little. I felt good and fresh today ( Thursday ) so decided to throw in a couple of time trials. I did approximately 2 km warm up and then did the following :

The first 3km TT Thursday:

The second TT:

3.02km total according to GPS watch
Lap 1: 1 km in 4:05
Lap 2: 1 km in 4:15
Lap 3: 1 km in 4:18
Lap 4: about 200 metres at 4:14 pace (slow down, hitting stop watch)

Totals: 3km in 12min 38 seconds, average speed about 4:13 min/km.

I then stopped at a water fountain, drank a little water and went to the toilet and did the return trip:

Lap 1: 1km in 4:07
Lap 2: 1km in 4:23
Lap 3: 1km in 4:20
Lap 4: about 200 metres at 5:05 pace (slow down, hitting stop watch)

Totals: 3km in 12min 50 seconds,average speed about 4:17min/km

This is quite a bit quicker than I have done in the past. I managed to string 2 3km TT's with about a 5 minute break between them. The pace was just slightly slower than what I planned in my training schedule - I'm supposed to aim for 4:10 pace. I did not concentrate so much on getting the pace right, I went out slightly too fast and came home too slow. I need to work on pace and holding it all the way.

The soreness in my knees was not anything bad I don't think, I just want to look after myself and avoid serious injury. I felt that any running with my knees the way they were could lead to something worse.

Anyway It was a good trouble free run today, and I am pain free.

This week's training schedule has been blown out - first by missing Tuesday and Wednesday's runs and by my throwing in a couple of TT's on Thursday (a rest day) as well as social things we have on the weekend. So I will begin again next week and _stick_ to the schedule I have set myself!!

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