Sunday, July 19, 2009

Planned 1 hour 20 min

Date: Sun, Jul 19, 2009 4:23 PM
Speed: 11.86km/h

Today when I hit the stop button on the watch it appeared to stop. But for some inexplicable reason it continued counting. Effing ridiculous that this can happen. Anyway, the data is wrong, the average speed and heart rate are completely bogus.

The actual stop time was 1 hour 22 min 30 seconds, with a total distance of about 16.21 km. Not a bad run considering it follows a reasonably hard 40min run the day before. Again I sought out a lot of hills. In the past when I did a similar route like this, and a similar distance incorporating the last hill ( From Wynnum North Station up Wynnum North Road ) I would always break down at this hill. This time I did not, and that on it's own indicates I am getting stronger.

I have a 15 x hill session on Tuesday, 50 min run Wednesday, rest Thurs, 15 min speed Friday, 40 min run Sat and a 1 hour 20 on Sunday. Unfortunately we have a few social things to do as well, so we will have to accommodate the running among all that too.

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