Saturday, July 11, 2009

Second run after HM

Date: 11July 2009

Data for this run in the above link. Some valuable lessons this week, I realise you cannot achieve personal best performance all the time. After doing so well at the Half Marathon I suddenly had high expectations. But I realise that clearly the performance I achieved is a result of all the training and the _taper_ helped me do it. I reached a peak that cannot be expected in every run.

In this run today I deliberately went on grass wherever possible, which makes you work slightly harder. I pulled up at around 14km, quite tired and joints not particularly happy.

My body is definitely not in as good a shape as it was on the morning of Sunday 5th July. You really need to be smart about training, because the head may think the body can do things - and the body does not seem to provide feedback that it cannot!! This is where a schedule/training plan will help. The one I followed for preparing for the GC HM was good for that, pushing me slightly every other week, building up a tearing down week on week off.

I have decided to look at plan to train for a 10km personal best. I need to find a few races and make them my targets, and create a plan to get me in best shape for them. I anticipate I will concentrate on speed, pace runs much more carefully compared to what I did for the HM preparation.

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