Friday, April 30, 2010

Planned run 15 minutes effort

Date: 30 Apr 2010
Time: 15 min
Distance: 3.79 km

I split this 15 minute effort into two 7:30 repetitions. The first one 3:57min/km and then stopped for about 3 seconds. Then started again and did _exactly_ the same pace for the second one.

I felt like I could do this pace for at least another 2 km's it was reasonably comfortable. My heart rate was higher than the last 15minute effort run I did earlier this month, but only marginally. In fact pace ended up identical to the last 15min effort run today too.

I actually felt really flat today, a bit stressed from work, so I was not feeling particularly fast. I have to fly to Saudi Arabia ( Bahrain ) this Monday and will likely miss a few runs as a result. This may be a blessing in disguise as it will be a chance to allow my body to make a bit of recovery. I will hit the (hotel) gym hard while I am there as much as I can, as well as do my own spin/rpm thing on a bike. I may even come home faster than when I left !! The timing is ok as the time away will be on a weekend that had me backing off on distance for the long run.

Last week I did 58kms. Just short of the highest I had done in one week in March.
This month I have done 178kms total. This is the second highest I have done for a month and follows the previous month of 181kms ( the highest ever ).

It looks like next month would have been the highest if I didn't have a likely forced break for travel. But I should be ok. All I have to do is come home in one piece !!

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