Friday, April 23, 2010

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 23 Apr 2010
Time: 43:52 min
Distance: 10.02 km

I took off with the mind set to go slow. But I had toyed with the idea of seeing how fast I am for 10kms. Sort of a 10km time trial. So I took off slow, looked at my watch to check pace and saw it was around 5:35min/km or something. I pushed up the hill to see if I could get the pace down to 4:40 or so. And from then on I was just going fast. I did a 10km TT :)

First 1km done in 4:21 pace, next at 4:07. Paced back a bit at 4:20 for the third km, next 4:21, and another at 4:21. Good even pacing there. By then my heart rate was at 164. I backed off and did the sixth km in 4:30. Then a 25,31 and 28 for the next 3km. In the last km the heart rate 169, pace 4:17.

Final average heart rate was 160bpm, and the MAX heart rate was 171 in the last few metres. My theoretical MAX` heart rate is supposed to be about 178. As a percentage, my heart rate reached 96% of the maximum. The average was 89% of maximum. That was a good hit out I think!!

So finally I have a 10km time that I can use as a gauge of where I am training wise. I feel I could go faster if I paced out better, but this will do. What it tells me is that I am on track _now_ for a 3hr20 Marathon, and a 1hr36 HM. Also training paces are for the time being :

5:24 min/km Easy run training pace
4:29 min/km Tempo run training pace
4:03 min/km Maxmum oxygen training pace
3:45 min/km Speed form training pace
5:24 - 6:06 min/km Long run training pace
3:20 min/800 Yasso 800s training pace

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