Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Planned run 60 minutes

Date: 21 Apr 2010
Time: 54:51 min
Distance: 10.35 km

Oops !! Meant to do 60 minutes. Does not matter one bit, I need the rest !!

Took this run very slow, averaged 5:17min/km. Heart rate average was ridiculously low, below 130bpm. During some laps after warming up and doing a slightly faster pace, HR went to around 136. So I think 5:17pace will yield close to 133 or so HR.

I am a bit weary from the faster 50 min run yesterday and the 28km run on Sunday, but am in great shape overall. I will enjoy the rest this week, and plan to do the 50min run on Friday slow too, to allow myself to recover. My body seems to react well to recovery weeks like this.

I look forward to the next long run. I will try to go slower than 5min/km pace, probably around 5:10 or so.

Looking forward to any races coming up, there are a few:

May 2 5,10,15 or 20km I should do a 10km I think, and then make up the distance after in a long slow

May 16 7 and 14km I should do the 14 and make up the distance again with a long slow

May 30 10 and 5km handicap race.. May skip this one

June 6 a HM and 10km race , at the QLD Half Marathon .. This one lines up well for me. Again I should do a long slow after it to get distance.

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