Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Planned run 3km Time Trial

Date: 6 Apr 2010
Time: 11:40min
Distance: 3.00 km

I have rearranged my training schedule to have a mini taper leading up to a 10km race I am doing on 11th April. The schedule typically has a 3km TT, a 50min run next day and a 10x30second speed on the third day leading up to a race.

I felt a little sore from the 23km/2hr run I did on Sunday (two days ago) and did not feel very fresh at all today. I took off slightly easier than the last couple of speed runs I have done recently, and did a 3:51min/km for the first 1km. The next I eased up slightly again to do 3:56min/km for the second 1km. The last one I pushed slightly harder to finish with 3:53min/km.
Overall I think I paced a lot better for this one, more consistent. That left a little bit more to push and finish faster I think.

I used the footpod again and find that cadence was ever so slightly lower today, 89steps per minute average. Thew first 2kms were at 89, the last 90. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I feel that I am closer to being able to manage 4min/km for a distance run. Just a little more conditioning and I will be there and be able to run a sub 20min 5km as well as a sub 40min 10km. All this training is paying off.

What is particularly pleasing is that I am definitely not fresh today, yet I was still able to do another personal best for 3km. I have a 50min run tomorrow. I plan to do a tempo run at 4:20min/km for this run. For a run like this I will take off and do around 5min/km pace for the first 15min, then jump to 4:20min/km pace for the rest of the distance. This should help for finding the pace in teh 10km race too.

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