Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planned run 6x500metres with 1:30min tanding recovery

Date: 13 Apr 2010
Time: 19:29 min
Distance: 3.34 km


Yet another speed run. Certainly getting faster and getting more endurance. I used my metronome today, set at 180/90.

The cadence for the speed sections was spot on 90 except for one where I did 89. A small difference. I may set a slightly higher cadence just as an exercise when I next have a run of this type.

Something conspicuously absent from my blog lately is injury status. I have almost completely recovered from the left knee problem I have had since August last year. I have a niggling sore heel and Achilles that hurts just a little until I am warmed up. It also was flaring up occasionally with a burning sensation. It seems to be getting better and I hardly notice it now.

All looking good, getting faster, fitter, better endurance and almost injury free.

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