Monday, August 17, 2009

Sick from Thursday 6 August to Monday 17

I have been ill since Thursday 6 August. Got flu like symptoms, felt like I was getting over it after 3 days or so. But I ended up getting Bronchitis or something like that.

This is terribly frustrating. I missed 2 long runs and a good speed week last week. I look at the positives - I got to rest my bones and joints, so I should be pretty fresh. I took a nice long walk with Christine yesterday ( Sunday 16 ) and got to move some blood around. I am on anti-biotics and they seem to be helping a lot.

I plan to resume my training schedule this week, with the following:

Monday REST
Tuesday 40 min run
Wednesday 50 min run
Thursday REST
Friday 40 min run
Saturday REST
Sunday 1 hr 40 min run

This should be a good light work load compared to previous weeks, so I am lucky I hit my schedule at this point after a week off. The only concern will be the long run on Sunday, hopefully it won't be too big a jump in distance.

It feels realy good to be recovering from this illness, I am breathing freely for the first time in a week. I feel good for the first time in over a week!!

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