Monday, August 31, 2009

Planned run 1 hour 50 minutes

Date: Sun, Aug 30, 2009 3:17 PM
Avg Pace: 5:30mn/km
Distance: about 24km

Went to a friends birthday party the night before this run, we stayed out at Mt Tamborine. The place we stayed at also had a wedding - The people attending were classic toe rag inconsiderate scum of the earth. They were out and about screaming at 4AM, and smashed the accomodation supplied furniture. So I had little to no sleep.

I also had beer again the night before this run, but I was well mannered and considerate, and made no noise. Anyway as a result, I had lower energy and was very fatigued. My legs felt good though.

I went out slowly, and maintained that pace for the whole run. The watch ran out of battery so stopped recording at 14km's or so. I estimate I did in excess of 2hours instead of 1hr 50min, and ending up doing about 24km.

I really wanted to get a big long run in before the half marathon on 19 September, as I am tapering from now on with longs runs getting shorter each week - 1hour 40, 1 hour 30 and a 1 hour 20 the week before the HM.

Writing this the next day I am still a little fatigued, and thankful I have a rest day today. These last three days have been quite tough, and I did not help myself by boozing far too much. I am off booze until the HM on 19 September, so I hope to see some gains in energy, and improvments in training from now until the race.

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