Sunday, April 12, 2009

Planned run 80 minutes

Date: 12 April 2009
Time: 80 minutes 16 seconds
Distance: 15.15km
Approx Speed: 11.32 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 156
Google Ped: route

This week is a tangible improvement for me. The last long run I did was about 14.9km, at about 10.6km/h and a time of 84 minutes. In that run I had to stop at the last few hills and walk as I had tightened up really badly. This time I still tightened up but I was able to keep a reasonable, comfortable and relaxed running style. I went faster and further in a shorter amount of time today.

Also, I had a sore throat, headache and chest cold and am just getting over tat, so I am very pleased with the run.

No specific injury problems today either so I am very happy with my progress. Looks like this training really does work :)

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