Sunday, April 19, 2009

Planned run 90 minutes

Date: 19 April 2009
Time: 90 minutes 6 seconds
Distance: 17.00km
Approx Speed: 11.32 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 152
Google Ped: route

My plan for today was to do three laps of the route as plotted in the link above. I also intended to do a pace that was comfortable, and I did that. Oddly I ended up running a decent average speed indentical to my last long run of 80 minutes.

I began with a slightly shorter first leg using the route above. Then did the exact route for second leg, and finished with a route slightly longer. The distance overall is approximately 3x route == 17.0835km.

I suspect it was in reality slightly less than 17km, because of inaccuracies in the plotting on google ped. But then I have been using the google ped for a while and so it is a reasonable indicator of my pace and distance compared to previous efforts.

Approximately 17 km in 90 minutes - only a little more than 4km to reach half marathon distance, which is quite encouraging. I certainly feel that I am capable of doing the full half marathon distance now, but it would have hurt terribly if I had done the extra 4km's.

I recall that I used to tighten up at around 30 minutes in my longer runs, where today I tightened up at about 1 hour 10. I concentrated on maintaining my pace when that happened, and it was very difficult! I felt like I was running uphill for the last 20 minutes and it burned.

No specific aches or injuries.

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