Sunday, May 24, 2009

Notes on pace so far

This latest run I think I managed to increase the average speed over a long distance. I also managed to keep the heart rate down. And this all under pretty hard conditions with the headwind making me work a lot harder.

The pace I need to maintain to achieve a 100 minute half marathon is 4 minutes 44 seconds per km. I have managed so far to do 5 minutes 6 seconds per km over long distances. Not such a big jump, but stringing 21 of them together it is. So I think I should revise my goals a little to something a little more realistic. So, I shall aim to do average speed sub 5 minutes over 15km for next weeks race.

If I manage 4 58 per 1 km, that gets me across the line with a time of 74 minutes 30 seconds. SO there it is, my official revised goal for the 15km race on Sunday May 31st 2009:

15 km in 74 minutes 30 seconds or better!!

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