Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thoughts on pace so far - My plotted routes compare to races done so far

I realised I omitted a Planned Run - 15 minutes effort. I made an error with the timing and ended up erasing the time on my watch. Pretty sure I did around 15 minutes 22 or so. The distance was about four kilometres I think. Now back to the subject:

One thing that seems to be consistent - My race pace appears to be consistently faster than any of the runs I have done in training. SO either:

- I run much faster in the races than I do in training runs
- The distances the plotted routes I use have displayed are in fact indicating a shorter distance than I cover

I am getting the feeling it is the latter. I am gathering a bit of experience and feel like I know when I go faster, and can gauge accurately if the run was easy or hard. So far I have done 2 races - One the 8km - One the recent 10km. The 8km run was not that fast, and I certainly feel that in subsequent training runs I have gone faster. Yet the times in training runs do not indicate that much of an improvement. In the 10km race, I had a lot of factors against me and was not expecting a decent result. Yet it was easily under 50 minutes at 48 minutes flat. Yet most recent 50 minute and a 60 minute training runs show that I _just_ break 50 for 10km's or go even slower, even when I feel the effort was higher for me, and heart rates are higher...

So I am probably going faster/further than the training runs I have been plotting indicate. I have a 90 minute run this afternoon, and will do the same route as my last 90 minutes...

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