Sunday, May 17, 2009

Planned run 100 minutes

Date: 17 May 2009
Time: 106 minutes 16 seconds
Distance: 20.57km
Approx Speed: 11.61 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 152
Google Ped: route X 3

I did the same 3 lap route as my last 100 minute planned run exactly a week ago, but I took a slight detour that added another 30-60 metres. Not that important, but I want to know my pace and distance so I know if I am improving at all. This run is probably about 20-30 seconds faster than the time suggests.

I stuffed up with my timing today - I failed to start the timer for the first lap, and only discovered the fact when I was checking the split at the end of the first lap. The second split was 35 minutes 30 seconds, and the combined time for the second and last laps was 72 minutes 46 seconds.. Based on previous efforts, I tend to lose about 2 minutes each lap. So the first lap I estimate I likely did in about 33 minutes. 30 seconds. That is where the 106 16 time comes from today, 72 minutes 46 plus the estimated 33 30.

I used the new water belt, and this has me carrying an extra 850 grams. I managed to drink the lot over the whole run without stopping, so this is the first genuine non-stop 20km run I have done. 106 16 compared to 109 46 last time. Over the 100 minutes or so, it still is not enough water, but it is a lot better than no water at all.

I started late in the afternoon today, instead of doing the run in the morning. I felt a little ill ( headache, slight nausea ) yesterday, and woke this morning after a poor nights sleeps with a big headache. I think I might be fighting off a bit of a cold, as a lot of colleagues at work have been ill. I definitely felt a bit low on energy from the middle of the run onwards, and it was a huge struggle to maintain the pace. The last lap and the last 3-4 km was really hard - seriously hard, and I battled the temptation to stop for quite a long way!!

Anyway, I am very pleased that I was able to get the run in, and the pace was ok considering I was feeling slightly under the weather. The fact I did not stop is significant, I overcame the pain and continued, which is very satisfying. I have yet another 100 minute run next week, and a scheduled 2 hour run the week after. However we are going to do a 15km race instead. The race I hope will help me work out a faster pace.

100 minutes for the half marathon is an average speed of 12.6585km/h, and that is a significant jump for me. I don't know if it is doable in 8 weeks, and the 15km race will be a good indicator.

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