Sunday, May 24, 2009

Planned run 100 minutes

Date: 24 May 2009
Time: 100 minutes 0 seconds
Distance: 19.2909km
Approx Speed: 11.57 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 151
Google Ped: route X 2 PLUS route

I had a really hard time for this run. I took off heading South against a 10km/h headwind. That made the going tough, and the first split ended up being right on 38 minutes for 7.432km (I also stopped to go to the toilet, about 1 minute). I think that going into the headwind was very much like going up hill for the whole distance, so considering that and the stop, my pace was quite ok. But it set up the rest of the run to be very hard, having done all that work at the beginning against the wind.

The return lap was slightly easier due to the tailwind helping me along, but by that stage I was in no shape to take full advantage of it. I managed to complete the 2 laps (14.864 km) in exactly 1 hour 16 minutes. So I did a fraction under 15km, no-where near the 100 minute half marathon pace I am aiming for. My goal of 1 hour 11 for 15km race next weekend is going to be difficult. I will have to concentrate on building speed slowly, as it is clear from today's run that working too hard too early will slow me down. I usually go faster in the races so I hope that happens.

I turned round after the second lap, and managed to travel another 4.4269km in the remaining 34 minutes of my 100 minute run. Pretty darned slow, and that was due to an increased headwind. It picked up to be a gusty 12-15km and it made the going _really_ hard! The muscles around my hips really burned. I tried really hard to pick up the pace and pushed for the last few minutes.

Overall, the pace was not so bad, an average speed of 11.57km/h compared to my last long run at 11.61km/h under much better conditions. If I didn't have to make the 1 minute stop the time would have been 99 minutes or so - with that time to complete the distance of 19.2909km my average speed was more like 11.69km/h. That is a more realistic speed, and it is going in the right direction - Faster. Another point to note is that the average heart rate was slightly lower today at 151. SO I am in reality going _slightly_ faster over a long distance and doing it more easily. SO at least that indicates I am improving fitness.

I decided to try an ice bath after the run, and also drank a coconut full of coconut milk. The ice bath is supposed to be very therapeutic, helping the body to recover after exercise. The coconut because I overhead some fellow at a race a few weeks ago talking how coconut is quite good for recovering too. I am sore after both and I hobble about the same as every other run so short term it may not do anything at all. Felt great to get out of the ice bath and have a warm shower though :)

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