Tuesday, August 20, 2013

17km at 4:50 pacee average Monday, 5km 'easy' at 4:35 pace pluss some speed runs

Far too much running in the last 48 hours and not enough rest. Did 17km last night, fairly sensible pace for the first 10kms and then rushed home faster for the rest of it. Planned 1hr30 did 1hr22.

I was rather tired from that, and stepped out to do 5km easy and follow that with 10x2min speed. HAH. I did the 5km too fast, 4:35 pace, which felt alright - It seemed I wanted to do a short stride, higher cadence because it was more comfortable. Probably because I was tired. I did not resist it and so ended up doing a much faster 5km than I should. And thus my speed session was busted from that as well.

I attempted the speed sessions, did ONE and pulled up at 1min54, pace was 3:42. About right for when I am not completely shagged but no good at all today. Decided to stop that and do some much shorter fast intervals instead. 5 x 20 sec with 30 seconds rest.

Its not sensible for me to follow a hard long run with more hard running. A full days rest with gym work seems to be a much better idea, I will stick to that.

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