Thursday, August 8, 2013

Two runs today - 5km with Christine and MAX, and 6km at work plus a 6x1min speed session

13kms total today, 5km super easy with Christine and MAX our dog. Then at work I did 6km easy plus 6x1min fast with 30sec rest.

Its a fair bit of distance for me in the mid week, but I seemed to handle it fine. Even running twice in the day seemed ok too. Energy was good, but I am a little sore from the hard gym work yesterday. It did not affect me that much.

I am certainly feeling just that little bit better at speed now. The 6x1min speed session was particularly good today, I was getting a little faster toward the end and felt like I could do more. I had planned 8 reps but because I ran an extra 5km this morning, and I am a bit sore I thought I'd cut it a little shorter.

The improvements are always down to consistent mileage, and I have had maybe 1 month of that this year. A proportion is down to the speed work and the gym weights work. If I get more months of consistent mileage done I will be much better again.

Will do the gym run tomorrow, not sure what we are doing, possibly hills. I will try to take it easier so I can be fresh for a 5km ParkRun Saturday.

I did timekeeper duties last week for the 5km ParkRun, and it was very interesting. The fellow that won with a 17:30 something did the first 3km in 11 min flat. It is not much of a stretch for me to hang on to him for the first 3km and see how much I fall apart at the end ... but that is not exactly a sensible race strategy right now ;)

Of the runners that finished after the winner, there was one in particular that was a little rude, he did JUST under 20. I may see if I can latch on to the back of that guy and see what I am able to do from there. A grudge match !!

I feel I am in sub 20 shape right now, and given some rest and the right race I will do it soon. After looking at the runners and their finishes in the ParkRun while timekeeper, I now have a couple of fellows I can recognise to hang on to that may help me along. Thanks in advance guys !!

In the 6km run today, I was reminded that its only 3 weeks or so to the Bridge to Brisbane. One year ago I set my PB for 10km there, 42 minutes. I still feel frustrated, that 42mins is such a soft target. I really should be faster than that, I may be in shape to do a little better, hopefully. To prep for it I think I need to run up and down the Gateway Bridge a few times again, I might do it on Sunday afternoon after work. I have maintenance tasks to perform on that day.

It is really great to be improving again, and I am enjoying my running so much. July next year is my ultimate target the Gold COast Marathon. A PB by a big margin too. This is all ground work preparing for that.

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