Thursday, August 22, 2013

Speed session 1min20 fast and 40 sec recovery, then a 5km easy run back to office

I set my watch for 1min20  with 40 seconds rest, and repeats  x 25 . That is fairly big obviously, and I was not expecting to do that many. Eventually, yes I will be doing maybe  x 25..  I set out to see how many I could do before feeling like I needed to puke. I stopped at the first sign, as its a good indicator lactic acid has built up.

I did the first three with a jog recovery in the 40 sec rest periods, and then walked for the rest of the recovery sections. Managed to do 13 repeats, all sub 4min pace, and most sub 3:50 pace - distance for each one was about 350 metres, maybe a little more, and that is near enough to 5kms total of fast running. I am reasonably pleased with it. Basically I did the work of a 19min 5km race. And it is HARD.

I jogged back and ended up doing 4:46 pace overall, even though I felt sluggish. This is what happens to me when I do speed sessions like this, my 'easy' pace creeps up and I automatically slot into a faster pace.

I intend to try and get this type of run out to 2min fast, 30 sec jogging rest and at least 20 repeats. This will be a good gauge of my ability to do a fast 10km race. It should improve lactic tolerance and simply toughen me up. I wimp out too much at sustained speed right now. I need to get better at the sustain faster pace.

I think I am incrementally closer to sub 20 5km right now. I haven't done a full 5km race in about three weeks so I will see if I can do a proper one this weekend. No gassing it at 3km's in.

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