Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A far better run today, 6km easy plus 10x30sec fast Tuesday 27 August 2013

I really think I am onto something here. I did a really good apparently super easy 20km run almost 4 weeks ago. Simply stepped out and did it. Since then I have done 2 x 17km plus a real struggle 13km a day ago.

I have clearly regressed as far as basic endurance for an easy long run is concerned. And it lines up with - Getting sick, not doing as much gym work, and shifting my focus from all these regular 10x30 or 12x30 fast runs over to longer intervals.

It seems to me that the gym work and the regular raw speed work has supported my long easy runs. This type of work may well only add up to 6% of basic performance, but really feels better, and feeling better while you run is essential to me. What is quite dramatic is that it appears that as soon as I stop doing this sort of workout on a weekly basis, I can really feel the absence of its benefit.

I did 6km easy at 4:38 pace today and then 10x30 fast. It was not as easy as it has been, but boy it does feel good after. I feel the energy returning. I think when I start my marathon training, I have to incorporate these 30sec speed sessions weekly.

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