Tuesday, August 13, 2013

6km easy at work plus 6x1min30 30 seconds rest

A nice run today in warmer weather. Felt sluggish in the 6km easy, but felt pretty good in the 6x1:30's. I was sort of planning to do 2mins but because I was feeling a bit sluggish I revised to 1:30's - they are a little easier to do.

The pace was very sensible:


I kicked a little faster for the last one because I had a little bit more to give. I feel I could have done 6 more reps.

It just so happens that the pace I did and the time corresponds to almost exactly 400m for each rep. Its a magic distance for me I think, it feels just right for slightly faster efforts. I was doing a lot of these 400's last year and it resulted in some half decent pace, especially considering my lack of basic fitness back then. I am actually in a theoretically worse position now, with far less mileage done for the year, and my performances in 10km and 5km races so far seem to support that. However the 400's I was doing last year were faster and I was taking 2min rest rather than 30sec as I did today.

I need a few more months of the consistent mileage before I see the gains I want. I am improving so I am not unhappy, just overall frustrated by the situation I have been in for the last 3 years and the lack of consistent mileage. I really should be a whole lot faster. I need to be patient but bloody hell, how patient I have been already !!

I want to hit the gym again tomorrow morning, a nice hard session. I am working from home Thursday so I won't run at work, I will do an easy whatever run followed by some 12x30's.. And gym 'running club'  run Friday. Then another ParkRun!!

For the ParkRun I recon my strategy of locating a sub 20 runner in the field and tagging along for as far as I can manage is a good idea. I have to make sure I get a decent easy run done Friday instead of stupid fast like I usually do. I do think if I am well rested I have a chance of hanging in sub 4's for 4km rather than the 3km I did last week.

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