Monday, August 19, 2013

ParkRun and bad dancing == sore calf

I did the ParkRun Saturday, and again I ran hard for the first 3km. 3:51, 4:00 and 4:00 were the paces for each 1km split. I pulled up after 3rd km, and walked a bit, then jogged back to Christine and MAX. Ran with them until the 4th km marker, and I took off again faster. Did the final 1km in 3:52.  I did not register a time.

I am simply not comfortable enough at sub 4min pace to carry it for 5km let alone 4. I feel like I can do quicker than 11:50 or so that I did for 3km. I really need to gain a better aerobic base fitness.

After the ParkRun, we did a little house cleaning and got haircuts etc, ran around a bit. Then went to a friends wedding. It was fun, we had a few drinks at the reception and I did some really bad dancing. Next morning we slept in a bit for the first time in months. I had a slight hangover, not too bad. I was stretching, getting ready to get up when I got a huge cramp in my right calf muscle, and it was horrific. The muscle is still sore. I skipped my long run Sunday as a result of the sore calf muscle. Even today, Monday day 2 it is sore. It is also slightly swollen. I can walk normally after warming up a little so it may be ok.

I plan to do a long run, hopefully about 1hr40 tonight.

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