Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gym this morning and walked the dog, MAX!!

Much better today. I got out of bed early, that is a sure sign of feeling better. Walked MAX the dog for nearly 1hr. Then hit the gym.

It has been over a week since my last gym visit, which is not great. I did everything with more weight in the machines this time, I am certainly better at swinging the weights now. Did the Plyo stuff as well, a bit of abs work too. Just need this apparent strength improvement to translate to a faster 5km pace and I will be satisfied.

My goals have been stated before, but here it is again:

- Sub 20 5km - Sub 19:30 is what I really want.
- Sub 40 10kms
- Sub 1hr30 HM  - A later goal once I start some proper longer distance running

I should have been good to go with a faster 10km race on Sunday 4th Aug, the Brisbane Marathon Fest race, but I was too ill to capitalise on the strength and speed I have. Plan for the rest of the week:

- Thursday 6km easy with 14x30 fast
- Friday Gym running club - missed last week, ill.
- Saturday 5km ParkRun
- Sunday long run, whatever distance feels right. Hopefully 15km+

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