Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sore Throat Wednesday, 7km Thursday, Friday fever and sweats.. Race Sunday 4th Aug 2013

Pretty crap week for me. I got some good rest in, legs wise.

The week began well, a big run on Sunday of 20kms. Then good hard gym work Monday. Tuesday a nice 6kms + 2kms of 12x30 seconds fast. Things went downhill badly from Wednesday.

Woke with a sore throat and feeling lousy. Did no gym work. Sore throat was gone by 2:30 in the afternoon, but moved to a raw sore chest and dry cough. Almost like croup. That developed nicely overnight, but seemed to feel better Thursday,  I did 6km fairly fast and then 6x30's fast. I really felt better after that. But I had a really rough night. Had the day off work, I hate doing that. Cough felt better after a sleep, but then I started getting bad headache and fever. I sweated massively for about 4 hours, shivered etc..

Felt better Friday night, and had a decent dinner. Then Saturday we cleaned the house. I was undecided whether to do the race.. Went to Surfers Paradise to a friends bucks party, had 2 beers and Thai food. Got home about 11PM, and had 5hrs and 30mins sleep or there abouts.

Then I did the Brisbane Running Festival 10km race. My watch crapped out, measuring a 3:30 and a 3:29 for the first 2kms, then a 2min30 for the third. And the overall distance 10.8kms. The time was 43:42. The race results say 43:38.  Its cool to see that they have the half way split. It was 21:32 for the first half and 22:06 for the second. 30seconds fade is not so bad. The first 5km I did slightly quicker than the 5km TT I did a week ago too.

I am reasonably pleased with the run, considering I have been a bit ill. It was all due to strong fresh legs today, I simply did not have the lungs for anything better. Quite frustrating, but that is how things happen sometimes.

Slightly surprised by the results as far as placing goes too. I crossed the line 10 seconds after the gun, in overall position 152, category ( Ages 40-49 )  23, gender position  104.

Across the finish line, position 59 - I had passed 93 people overall. Of my age category, I passed 13. And gender wise, passed 52 people.  I started pretty much right where I deserved to start, I think. I find it difficult to believe there really where 93 people ahead of me IN THE GOLD start area. There was not much more room without being in the elites area. Elites are supposed to be sub 40min runners.

I finished 10th in my age group on net time, 11th on gun time. 58th overall NET and 59th gun time. I am at the upper end of 40-49, I turn 48 in October and will be in the 50+ group in about two years. My finish today would have me third in 50+ age category. I plan of being faster over the next few years than I am right now. I need to achieve the consistent mileage to get me there.

My plan this week:

Gym Monday, quite hard. The usual weight machines and Plyo thing.
Tuesday, 6km easy plus probably 8x 1min fast with 30 sec recovery
Gym Monday, quite hard. The usual weight machines and Plyo thing.
Thursday, 6km easy plus probably 14x30 fast with 30 sec recovery
Friday gym run
Saturday ParkRun
Sunday LONG

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