Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hard gym session Wednesday and a 10.2km run on Thursday 15 Aug 2013

Did a hard gym session yesterday, much bigger weights than usual and fewer repeats. Also did plyometric work. Left me slightly sore.

Had a really horrendous day today I won't go into it, but just say that it was rather illogical and unfair. It caused me a great deal of distress and I am not over it yet. I don't handle these sorts of things very well these days.

I went out today for 10.2km run in the afternoon, averaged 4:47min/km pace. I did one slightly faster 1km at just under 4min pace. It was surprisingly difficult to maintain that pace, I am either under the weather, tired from the gym session or the recent conflict has affected me.. I would say a combination of all those.

I felt much better after the run though. I won't be running tomorrow, a full rest day so I will be fresher than usual for the ParkRun I have planned.

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