Monday, August 26, 2013

No running Fri Sat, too much beer, and then a bad long run Sunday

Something that has been REALLY bugging me is that I have a weekly meeting at 11PM Thursday nights. Ends midnight typically, and I am utterly trashed due to lack of sleep on Friday morning. I want to do a run on that morning, I have struggled and got it done a few times.

But I am deeply resentful now of having to attend these meetings. I need to make a change again I think, to something that is more conducive to the life style I wish to live.

Anyhow, after the hard intervals Thursday, I was in dire need of sleep Thursday night, but did not get it. That meant I missed my Friday run. I went out Friday night to a music trivia event, hd beers and that ruined my plans for Saturday ParkRun ;) . I did some work on house Saturday, something I am entirely not used to, and was a bit shagged after that.  I had more beer Saturday night. Its funny how these things snowball like this. I need more discipline so that the shittyy 11PM meeting on Thursday night does not impact so much.

It all stacked up, ending with a really bad run Sunday. It should have been a nice one. I stepped out for  1hr30 easy. 30 minutes in, tripped over a boulder embedded in the ground on a rough dirt path. Fell heavily and bruised my hip, elbow and back as I rolled to avoid tearing myself up. Got up swearing, brushed myself off, and continued. My run was quite ruined from that moment, but I loosened up a little and reached my turnaround.. Just prior to that I felt a twing in my right calf, where I had the massive cramp a week or so ago.  It was very minor, but over about 10 minutes it developed into a worsening cramping sensation so I pulled up. 1hr 8 min in, 13kms.

I don't feel any specific injury sensation on it now Monday a day after, but I am really sore overall, as if I ran fast yesterday. My hip is really sore, but it feels like its nothing serious, maybe I jared myself when I fell and thats what I am feeling now.

Looking at my totals I think I may be stacking a little too much mileage on a weekly and monthly basis, so pulling up on this long run at 13kms is a good thing. 

Things that have changed in recent weeks - I have backed off the pure speed work of 10x30 fast after a 5 or 6km run, and begun doing longer intervals. And I did the hard 1min20 fast with 40sec rest on Thursday last week. I think its telling that I feel a bit rough now. I am quite convinced that the raw speed running I had been doing were contributing to the good feelings I have had in my running. I think I have reached a bit of clarity on these interval sessions:

- Longer intervals really do take a toll on you 
- Shorter intervals - even following a 6km easy run - seem to really invigorate
- A long run in a week seems to be boosted by these shorter raw speed intervals

So I think I will swing back to what I was doing initially.:

- One easy long run a week
- 6km easy followed by genuine raw speed sessions tuesday and thursday
- Gym running club Fridays
- Gym weights Mon and wednesday  

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