Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Strange thing about my heels - Sore after 17km run Monday night - and 100% better today

So, my heels are obviously not completely better. It clearly much improved compared to the last 2 or so years.  An odd thing - I worked fairly hard at a friends place, ended up with sore heels after carry large heavy timber over and over. It had been troubling but not near as bad as it has been. A week later I do some bad dancing, a 5km run plus all the usual running for the week, and then did the faster 17km Monday night, 2 days ago. The next day ( yesterday ) heels were fairly sore again. Ran 5km yesterday plus some poor speed interval attempts, far too tired to do anything decent.

Sitting at my desk yesterday after the run, feet seemed to completely recover. No pain, nothing. No need to warm up or massage before walking. Last night the same, perfectly good, and this morning - no running at all, just a walk with the dog - perfect. Like normal.

I have taken no NASAIDS, nothing. Heels simply came good for some reason. I wonder if I am working through scar tissue or something, because this is quite different to how things used to progress. It was mostly a steady increase of discomfort, a repeating cycle of pain, careful warm ups needed before running, reasonably pain free running and then paying the price, and eventually reaching a point where I simply had to stop running. Now seems to be a different pattern.

I wonder if I really am getting better?  I can only hope its true :)

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