Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Plans for the week shot to pieces - Sick Monday

No gym for me Monday. Felt horrendous, and got no better all day, just _sick_. On train on way home, dizzy, a sick, hot/cold. Got home, hit the sack at 6PM and did not get out of bed until this morning.

I felt well rested sleep wise but could easily have stayed in bed all day. Went to work, hung in there. My plan was to do a 6km easy plus speed, 14x30's . I usually start to feel better at 3, 4km in if I feel a bit crap. None of that, I just felt worse and worse!! Got to 5th km, and was ready to stop. Got to the last 1km and went a little faster, 4:34 pace. Felt easy enough to do that but I still felt like shit!!

So, no fast session, I got back to the office ate my lunch, forced it down. I had a Coke, even though I have been avoiding sugary drinks. Eventually I felt better.  Right now, MUCH better, but still not 100%

So, if I am up to it, gym tomorrow morning. Hard legs session plus some Plyo exercises. Getting ill really pisses me off these days. Such a bloody waste of time. Hopefully this is the end of it.

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