Friday, August 9, 2013

Gym run, hills plus a 3.5km easy run after

I dragged myself out of bed for the gym running club run this morning and as the instructors had hinted a few weeks ago, it was hills.

The best thing about the gym running is they do a pretty good warmup beforehand, and that introduces a bit of discipline. I am well loosened up before I start doing any hard running and it helps a lot, especially since I am a little sore from the workload this week.

So, we did a little 900m warmup jog, some warmup drills, then jogged 400m to the start of a hill with a nice easy gradient. The plan was to do 10min total, run up with a jog or walk down. I jogged down. I put in a few hard fast uphill sections too. Ended up just over 2km total of up/down hills.  I handled my pace really well, and the faster bits felt really good, I am definitely benefiting from the strength work and speed sessions. I felt like a really could push and snap in some genuine speed really easily. More significant was that I seemed to recover really quickly from the harder running, and I was able to still do a nice easy 3.5 after at a decent pace. I seem to have plenty of energy.

After the hills, I did a lap of the usual course we run, and ended up doing about 3.5km. Total for the day was about 7.3km .

I have the ParkRun tomorrow. As I said in previous post, I have a bit of a plan to tag along with one or more of the fellows I saw last week that were sub 20 runners. I may latch on to the back of one bloke in particular that was oddly rude to me after his race..  I don't hold grudges, I just get even  ;)  If I can beat him it will be even stevens clean slate!!  If I don't I will just forget about it.

I think I need to do this sort of thing, find targets to compete against, rather than leave it to my own internal paces too much. My grudge is not exactly real, I am cultivating it. I am not in any way serious about it, I am simply seeing if my in race competitiveness can create the right situation for improved performance. The fellow that was rude got my attention, but my feelings are completely ambivalent to be honest. He actually realised he was  bit short with me and appologised immediately. I completely understand that 10 seconds after a hard finish in a 5km race you will have a heightened state of awareness that may manifest in verbal aggression :) It is completely cool, no problem. But in a race I will use what I can..

My plan for Sunday - I probably won't do the Gateway bridge run as I said in previous post, because I did hills today. Rather, I will do a longer run, see how far I feel like going. Hopefully 15km +  more like a genuine 20km like I did about 2 weeks ago.

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