Monday, August 12, 2013

ParkRun Sat 10 Aug and long run Sunday 11 Aug 2013

I did what I was planning in last post in ParkRun, shadowed a runner I know does sub 20's. The fictitious grudge match ;)  I hung on until 3km in, and gave up, I was far too shagged from the day before and the hills session. That plus the rest of the week and the hard work I had been doing.

I have had a lingering illness for a few weeks. In lead up to the Brisbane Marathon Festival I had a bad cold and fevers. On and off in the last few weeks though I have had stomach upset, just a dull ache and feeling sickly. Its incredibly annoying !! I seem to have a few days where I feel fine, energetic and hit the exercise nice and hard. Then I have multiple days where stomach upset gets worse and worse.

Same thing for Saturday ParkRun, Friday night feeling under the weather, Saturday, woke feeling slightly worse, stomach pains and sickly. Anyway I stuck to my plan, ran with the bloke for as long as I could, pulled up and walked from 3km on. Managed almost exactly 12mins which is just fine considering how tired I was and felt sick. I turned and ran back to meet Christine and MAX, encountered a mate of mine so turned again and ran with him. I then turned again, ran back to Christine and ran the rest of the 5km ParkRun course. I did not register a time though, hardly worth recording it, with all the muck arounds.

I read on the ParkRun face book site that they have had reports of people not doing the whole course and registering a time - cheating in other words.. When I did time keeper I had a lot of people that I suspected did not really run and should not have registered a time. One woman in particular crossed at 26mins all fresh as a daisy, walking. She told us that she had started 10 minutes earlier .. Why she would cross the finish line I have no idea :/  Anyhow, for the Saturday 10th Aug 2013, it was not me that cheated !!

After the shitty ParkRun, I helped a friend dismantle their deck. Really heavy work, lots of lifting of large timbers, essentially work that I never do. I did a lot of it years ago when I built our house, and if you do it regularly you build fitness and its not so much effort. But it did knock me around on Saturday!!.

I ran yesterday, Sunday 11 August, a long easy 17.6km's - ended up almost exactly 5min/km pace which is pretty good. I was still absolutely shagged from all the accumulated fatigue, and really felt the work in muscles. I am slightly sore from it today. I had planned gym this morning, but walked MAX instead. I thought a full rest day was sensible !!! SOmething of note about the 17km long run is that I did not feel the need to stop for water, and after I finished I did not seem to have lost much weight - I was 77.4kgs after the run. I did not weigh myself before, but I did the day before and I was about 76.8kgs.  So It seems I did not get too dehydrated. I drank about 600mls water and was perfectly fine.

Weekly totals for the last few weeks, including the one just gone:

35.5km ( including mini taper for 10km race and being SICK)

I recon based on my usual progressions I have experienced, I am on target to reach a peak fitness level in 2 weeks. That is based on my past performances where I have shown that 3 months regular mileage is the key, or 12 weeks. I am in effectively week 10 of regular mileage for the year.   So hopefully given some decent rest I should have some faster races ahead of me.

First goal is sub 20 5km's  as per usual !!!

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