Friday, July 12, 2013

12 July 2013 Gym running club morning run. 7km

5:45AM today, after a work meeting that finished just before midnight ( less than 5 hours sleep !! ), I ran with the local gym 'running club'. I have run with them twice so far. Every time there are a bunch of what I assume to be newer runners that take off at 4:30min/km pace for maybe 2km's and are then gassed for the rest of the run.

I am not sensible either. I start off at 5min pace, nice and easy, but build the pace up quite early on. I have a competitive nature, its hard to deny that. I ended up catching everyone, averaging 4:50 for 7kms total. Most of the time I did about 4:40 pace, but I did throw in a 4:12 last 1km. Not sensible at all!!  The last 1km included a long hill, and felt quite easy, so I seem to be on the way to being able to do 4min/km pace again.

The good thing is that the muscles I am hurting in the gym are the exact same muscles that feel the burn on the small hills I ran today. So I think I am working them right in the gym, and thus the strength should be realised soon.

Yet another really good run today, not just because of the pace, but the feeling. Its true that every run for the last month or so has been really enjoyable. I hope to keep that up, it makes stepping out to run real easy :)

ParkRun tomorrow, hopefully I have not worked too hard today to go faster for the 5km. I have a new resolve and stronger motivation to run frequently now, so it may not be so hard to get up for it tomorrow.

I have to work Sunday 14th, do some maintenance tasks, so will fit the long run of maybe 14km in wherever I can.

So far in the last week or so:

- Saturday 10km race GCM
- Sunday 12km with 4x10 fast in there too
- Monday hard leg work in gym - plus abs and core
- Tuesday run at work, 6km easy plus 10x30's
- Wednesday hard leg work at the gym - plus abs and core
- Thursday run at work, 6km easy and 10x30's
- Friday Gym running club, approximately 8km total, with a fastish 7kms

Its a fairly good work load, but I am not feeling too bad at all.

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