Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hard gym Monday, and a 6km easy at work Tuesday

Christine and I play tag team on Mondays and Wednesdays for our gym sessions. I walk MAX our dog for an hour while she does bootcamp at the gym, and I get 30 minutes to do my stuff in the gym while she walks MAX.

Pretty fair would you not agree ?  ;)  Christine had to get to work earlier Monday, so I had to cut my session short ten minutes. Pretty fair again huh ?  ;)

So I had to go pretty hard in the gym to get all I wanted done in just 20 minutes. I have upped the weight on all the apparatus that I use, and do the same number of reps, 2(2 x 10) of everything. I include abs in there, between each set, and then do a bell weight exercise. I cap it all off after working quads, glutes and core by doing a lunge walk with 2x5kg weights in each hand, about 40 metres total.   This all really does zapp the exact muscles I use to run. I have upped the weight and increased the intensity/ speed and am far less sore after compared to previous sessions so I am improving there too.

Today, Tuesday we ran at work, 3 other fellows in the group. Andrew and I have been the regulars and we have improved quite a bit compared to the others. We did 6km easy at just a little faster than 5min/km pace. Then I did 6x1min fast with 30 rest.

I did 3:30min/km pace for all the reps and did it quite easily I have to say. When my watch had counted all six reps, I was ready to do more.  It really is astounding how much of a difference regular training makes. I don't think I am quite at my best as far as 5km or 10km race pace is concerned yet. But I feel I am well on my way to match and exceed my best fairly soon. All I need to do is be consistent, remain uninjured and not get sick.

Lots of flues about. If I get sick I have to accept it, and get through it.

Again I feel so fortunate now, injuries seem to be behind me. The temptation is huge now to start stacking on the mileage again, but I am sticking to my plan. No big mileage, no half or full marathon style long runs until I obliterate sub 20 for 5km and get under 40 for 10km race.  Sub 20 is a given just a matter of a few weeks I feel before that happens. The sub 40 10km is a big one. Once sub 20 5km happens I will put my focus of that 10km goal again. It will have to do longer intervals.

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