Thursday, July 4, 2013

Really nice Thrusday work run

Feeling fit and injury free. Tuesday's 5km easy plus the 10x30's were harder than usual, and I did have a little muscle soreness after. Full rest yesterday apart from a long walk with MAX our dog Wednesday morning.

Today I did another 5km easy plus 10x30 fast. This time I took them fairly easy, about 3:20min/km pace with the last one at 3:00 flat pace. I finished these with the feeling I could have done 10 more, that is a nice change.

I am now  whole lot better at doing these speed sessions, and feel that a much better pace for 5km races is possible. As far as how fast I am not sure, certainly better than 21 minutes.

I have a complete rest Friday, and the Gold Coast 10km race Saturday. Logically I am in no condition for a fast one, I have no long runs done to make that possible. I am in two minds what to do - Do what I am likely to be best at, faster 5km, and then crawl home for the second half? With that comes the prospect of being passed by hoards of people I passed in the first half and looking like a complete tosser :)  But I would have a good 5km hit out, which really is my focus right now.

Alternatively I could just run a sensible 10km as fast and I possibly can, and see what the result is. If I am not sick on the day, it may be a good one. The feeling I have over short distances is that I have made significant gains in fitness in general. Its so much easier to travel fast, but I am very aware that I have very little endurance.

Its quite a momentous day Saturday, really. It will be the first race in a full 2 years where I hit the ground with  no injuries. That should count for something.

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