Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunday Jetty2Jetty, up and down the stairs Monday, Run at work Tuesday 23 July 2013 plus gym Wednesday morning

Did the Jetty2Jetty 10km race on Sunday. I was SO tired after the efforts recently. A fair bit of work during the week, running and gym, then a silly fast run Friday morning, and a hard 3km fast Saturday. I have little left. Did the race felt ok for the first 5km, but wheels fell off at about 6km in. Jogged the rest and finished 44:30, not too bad really..

Monday, slept in so planned gym visit at lunch at work. $20 casual to the gym across the road. NOPE!! I can park a car all day in the city for that. Can have 2 pub lunches. So I did a big stairs walk session and had a pie.

Was to run with the usual people Tuesday 11:30AM but I was stuck resolving a technical issue at work. Managed to get out for a run at about 1:30 in the afternoon. Did 2km fastish, 1km easy and then 2km fastish, stopped and stretched and ran back easy for 5km's  .

Was a nice run. Felt good to pick up the pace for those 2x2km sections. I seemed to recover well too in the easy bits.

Today Wednesday, I did a gym session again. Leg machines, and some 'Plyometric'  style exercises. They zapp the legs in a fashion that is supposed to improve functional strength for running.

I feel really good overall, injuries are almost non-existent. I did have a bad day after the Jetty2Jetty, felt sore in heels, and started to wallow in some misery. They got better after an asprin. They are occasionally hurting when I walk. I need to keep an eye on it, make sure I don't build mileage too quickly. Overal maybe 2/10 severity.  The big problem is that my heels CAN be rather low pain for ages and then flare badly.

I have not taken Ibuprofen for many months. So long as I don't _need_  it I recon that is a reasonable yardstick to measure the state of heels. Physio and Dr both said that active recovery is important, and to expect flareups. Its part of the process to recover, with scar tissue being repaired slowly.

I plan a run tomorrow, Thursday 11:30AM, 6km easy plus 8x1min with 30 second rests. Won't go super hard on that as I have another silly fast run with gym on Friday morning. Apparently  5km time trial, and another in 9 weeks. Not sure what I will be doing, might be fast if I leave enough room for it this week.

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