Friday, July 26, 2013

Swift gym running club 5km TT Friday 26 July 2013

I did a 5km time trial this morning with the local gym running club.  They warned us last week that this was happening so at least I could factor it in somewhat with my training this week.

I did a easy 12km yesterday but it was not quite easy enough. I also did fairly hard gym work and plyo style workouts, and carried sore muscles today!!

Warmup this morning was a little inadequate too, if I am to run quick I want to be warm. We did a few lunges, free squats and a bit of a stretch. Took off, with the 1km laps as follows:


The 4:48 was a slight but long hill. Right after the third km' where I usually gass out. So I need a little hill work to fix that. Otherwise it was a good run, within my limits, I could have gone a little faster.

I am carrying quite a bit of fatigue, the muscle soreness from the gym work  and fatigue from the 12km run yesterday, I was not at all fresh. Also it was dark and difficult to relax and carry some real speed. I really had to be careful with my footing. It was a good run all factors considered. We have another 5km TT in 4-5 weeks apparently. I may conspire to be fresh as a daisy for that and have a rather big improvement if all goes well. It will be brighter in the morning too so I will be able to see where I am going a bit better!

Good news is we will be doing a hills session soon, and that should be quite beneficial.

I plan a 5km ParkRun again tomorrow, not sure if I can improve on my last of 20:50.  I see a general pattern emerging - I am gassing out in 4th km. and manage to finish in the 5th kilometer at a quite ok pace.  It is pretty much  a pacing issue, I just feel like I need a rest at that point in the race after going just a little too fast for the first three. I just don't feel like pushing it beyond a certain point. Once I get my breath back, I power on again.  TODAY it was more the hill that knocked it out of me. Given a decent rest I will be a bit quicker for sure.

Overall I think rather than raw speed, I need 'speed endurance'. Anaerobic conditioning and development. That plus proper aerobic conditioning and I should be up to  much better 5km. I will do some longer Interval things in the coming weeks, and see how that goes. That plus the hills, IF the gym instructors do it the way I hope they will, lines up quite well with what I think I need for a improved 5km race.

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