Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crazy long run Sunday 28 July, 20km, hard gym 29th and 8km total Tuesday

I had a 'Christmas in July' thing at our home Saturday after the ParkRun. I had too much beer, and so nursed a slight hangover Sunday. Stepped out to do a longish run Sunday afternoon, I was not going to any plan at all. I got 3km in and encountered an old friend of mine going for a 5km run. So ran with him on his 'out'  and return. I then turned round and did my thing.

Somehow I ran 20km, and it was much easier than I have come to expect. It is the longest run I have done in 2 years. Heels were tender yesterday, but good today. I did a hard gym session monday, doing one more repetition of everything I have been doing.  I was a bit stiff today after, and stepped out for a 6km easy at work. I certainly was carrying some fatigue as the 6km felt a little tiring, but I was still able to run at a decent easy pace, 4:52 average. I also did 12x30' at a reasonable pace. I did not push too hard, just strided out a little. Pace was pretty good for these too. These 30 second speed sessions are getting easier.

Overall, things are looking pretty good. I am arriving at a more solid plan for the next 5-6 months. I managed 52kms total this week just gone, and held together ok with that. At the moment, I think hovering around 40-50km a week is doable. I could alternate hard week easy week, with maybe a 20km run and a 15km run on alternate weeks.  I think I have quite a bit to gain from consistent mileage, and I am making big gains on basic strength work too, so I see not real need to increase either intensity or mileage right now.

I think that if I reach a point where my accumulated fatigue does not lead to any discernable muscle soreness, that will be a stage where I can assess whether I can increase mileage or increase intensity some more. Another fantastic run today.

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