Sunday, July 14, 2013

Surprising 17km run on Sunday 14 July 2013

I had planned to do some combo of 14km:
- start with 2km easy
- do 1 min fast 30sec rest, 30ec faster, 30 rest   X 15
- finish off to reach total 14km's  with a easy run home

However I had second thoughts because of all the speed work and weights I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. So I stepped out with the aim of doing an easy 14 or 15 this morning. Took off in very overcast weather at about 7:45AM.

It was very cool. I held my pace back a little for the first 6 or so kilometers. I stopped at about 11km in to stretch. I had turned around for the return leg and my left knee twinged. The dreaded runners knee, it is still not entirely resolved. I do think it is a strength and tightening issue that I can fix with more mileage and strength work. Anyway I stretched it and it was fine on the way home.

I picked up the pace on the way back, with a tail wind. And I had miscalculated the distance I had already traveled, resulting in the extra 3km I did.

I finished fairly strong, no sign at that stage of enough fatigue to slow me down. It was a great, pleasant run, abd it rained and it was cold. Consistently I seem to have really good runs in cooler rainy weather.

I ended up today with the longest run of the year, and the longest run for a LONG time. It was also quite a decent pace. I managed to do 3km in a row at slightly slower than 5min pace and the rest a little faster, the average ended up being 4:54 min/km. It felt great too.

I have done 46km for the week, the longest for the year. Its the longest weekly mileage since September last year, when I hurt my hip and started to back off training.

This run was probably a little too hard still, a slower pace might be a better option. But I am feeling so good on my feet. The faster runs and the weight training for strength seem to be paying off significantly now.

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